About Us

Family business & tradition


  In 1999, astrophysicist Prof. Bo Gustafson funded DataGrid to bring the  experience from decades of service on NASA and ESA space missions and  instrument development to bear on down-to-Earth problems susceptible to  high tech solutions. A few years earlier, aerospace physicist Per Gustafson funded Gutec AB while Geologist and Surveyor in the Swedish  Navy, Lars Gustafson funded Caliterra AB, both in Sweden. The three  businesses form the core of the DataGrid Group of five wholly owned and two partly owned affiliates. We are grateful  to Åke and Elsa Gustafson who through innovation developed industries in  naval power plants, food packaging, chemistry, electronics and robotic manufacturing machines. They made our endeavors possible. 

On the leading edge: Two decades of Innovation with in-house IP


DataGrid launched a Li-ion powered 250 gr handheld GPS data-logger with  postprocessing. Half a decade before Li-ion started to appear among competitors who marketed backpack sized solutions.


At the ION conf. we demonstrated the “Rodtensor” Smartpole with our L1/L2 RTK solution.



  Showed integrated RTK solution with a Riegel handheld totalstation at ION.

The  first FPGA based DGRx was launched in 2004 as was DataGrid’s first  complete land management hardware/software solution with database  tested by SIDA and WB in Uganda. 

Sub-mm monitoring of Forsmark nuclear waste storage site with DataGrid DGRx10 and Toughman data loggers.

DGRx with GPS and Glonass L1/L2 launched.
Forsmark sub-mm monitoring project concludes successfully.

DataGrid  develops patent for innovative and low cost Low Earth Orbit navigation  satellites as slave-satellites to a space- or ground-based master  set of stations.
DataGrid joins TAG, ITT, and Carlson in developing the GPS-S solution for the US Army. 

the DataGrid Group launches a machine control solution.

US Army places first order for GPS-S.

US Army GPS-S 
contracts to add a DataGrid DGRx to assist the ITT EGR SAASM receiver.

DataGrid/Caliterra successfully prove ship monitoring system for lower fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact.

DataGrid demonstrated GNSS with MEMS at ION.

Space Gator DGRx3 solution successfully tested by NASA and ESA.

Galileo E1, E5a/b added to DGRx GNSS. 
OSR launched.

Our business model


 We do development work for hire. Costs are often lowered through some arrangement to share the resulting IP. We like to team-up on collaborative projects. The positive relation with our  customers/collaborators is our most treasured reward. Call us about your needs.